Beauty Treatments

Face treatments

Spa Find offers skin friendly formulas with pure Dead Sea minerals and organic plant extracts.

Facials include a mask, massage and eyebrow shape.

Spa Find Energizing Facial – for dry/ mature skin

1 hour. £40.00

Spa Find Stabilizing Facial – for normal / oily skin

1 hour. £40.00

Eyelash tint. £10.00

Eyebrow tint. £6.00

Eyelash and eyebrow tint. £15.00

A patch test is required for any tint 48 hours prior to treatment.


Body Treatments


A deep, relaxing treat which will improve circulation. Ideal for easing tension and stress.

Full body including face. 1 hour. £35.00

Full body. 45 mins. £30.00

Back, neck and shoulder. 25 mins. £25.00

Hands and feet – Jessica

Manicure – Nail shaping, cuticle treatment, massage and polish. £25.00

File and polish. £12.00

Pedicure – foot soaking, nail shaping, cuticle treatment, hard skin removal, massage and polish.

£ 27.00

Gellux Gel polish – Instantly dries hard. Lasts up to 14 days.

Fingers or Toes – nails and cuticles tidied. £25

Gel removal. £10

Gel removal and re applied. £30

Jessica manicure with Gellux polish. £35



Full leg including standard bikini line. £25.00

3/4 leg. £18.00

Half leg. £15.00

Underarm. £8.00

Standard bikini line. £10.00

Lip or chin. £5.00

Lip and chin. £9.00

Treatment Packages

Relaxing special

Full body massage, facial, manicure and pedicure.


Holiday special

Facial, eyelash tint, 1/2 leg wax, standard bikini line wax, manicure or pedicure. £ 90.00